Redesigned Just Landed website offers 50 expat health guides

Just Landed features more than 50 guides to healthcare in various countries, including popular destinations such as Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Just Landed has launched a redesigned website featuring a fresh look, easier navigation and a redesigned brand (look familiar to you Expat Health readers?). The new website is also optimized for viewing on tablet devices such as the iPad.

New features complement existing content: more than 50 country guides offering expats valuable information on topics such as visas, housing, and of course health. Managing Partner Daniel Tsentscher said:

One of the topics expats have the most questions about is health. They need to know ow hospitals work, how local healthcare systems are structured–international healthcare can be quite intimidating. We have guides to more than 50 countries, including popular destinations such as Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In keeping with the more modern look and feel of the new site, social sharing tools have been integrated into guide articles. This makes it convenient for expats to share information across their favorite social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

More importantly, Tschentscher stressed, expats can take questions directly to the Just Landed Community:

Though we have the guides Just Landed is not all about static information. It really is a community where expats can connect with one another, regardless of where in the world they live. That means users can take health questions directly to other expats–that’s probably more useful than the guides in many cases.

Just Landed receives about 20 million visits annually, and is currently the fourth-ranked expat website in the world (according to traffic stats fromAlexa). In addition to the country guides and community, it offers an international job board and marketplace for property.

Nick Lewandowski says:

Hi Rajka,

Thanks for letting me know. I will pass this along to the relevant people.



Just to let you know that Qatar’s phone company (Qtel) which is the only provider of internet blocks the Just Landed website because of “prohibited” material on the site.

That is a shame as I would have liked to have looked at the site!