Weekly health roundup September 5

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International Health News

A new development in chickenpox research could be the answer to many parents’ prayers. Scientists now believe that a second dose of the vaccine may be enough to stave off the virus. In the last ten years there has been an 85% drop seen in American children aged 5-14.

New procedures are to be put in place to stop over-prescribing antibiotics to children suffering from respiratory tract infections and coughs. A new study from the University of Bristol raises suspicions that bacteria will be able to adapt to the antibiotics and become harder to treat in the future.

Country Updates

The FDA has issued a ban on antibacterial soaps and body washes amidst concerns that long-term use actually does more harm than good. The new rule applies only to nineteen ingredients found in such products.

Obesity rates across the U.S. continue to rise, with over 20% of each state now suffering from obesity – a major increase since 1991, where no state had over a 20% obese population. The state with the highest adult obesity rate is now Louisiana, with 32.6%.

Eligible families in Pakistan have been awarded a health insurance card which allows them to receive free medical treatment up to 25,000 rupees. Although only currently available in one Gilgit district, there are plans to distribute the card among others shortly.

Health Advice

The UAE are urging all pilgrims participating in this year’s Haj to evaluate their health status before traveling to Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims are being told to get their vaccinations and to keep healthy whilst traveling – including regular exercise, eating regularly, and ensuring they have good personal hygiene.