afford expat medical insurance

16% of businesses think travel insurance will cover staff working overseas.

Despite recognising the importance of correct medical insurance, a quarter of UK businesses cannot afford to arrange health insurance for employees overseas, reports The Telegraph. The survey of 1,000 decision makers from UK companies, commissioned by Expacare, found a worrying 16 percent thought travel insurance would cover their staff.

Travel insurance covers some health expenses and emergencies, but is designed for short trips abroad and cannot be extended after the policy expiry date. This leaves overseas employees open to huge medical bills and the possibility of being refused treatment if they don’t have sufficient insurance.

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healthy employees

A health summit in Shanghai has named the healthiest workplaces around the world.

The Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit have revealed the healthiest workplaces from 33 countries. The annual awards, held in Shanghai this year, announced winners in several different categories in the hope of promoting healthy workplace practices around the world.

In the Multinational Employer category IBM took the top award. With its long-standing tradition of creating healthy work environments, IBM continues to integrate health and wellbeing into the workplace. It has introduced 10 global priorities for health promotion which are applied to the thousands of IBM employees around the world.

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14 april 2014 international health news

Weekly health news roundup: From Tamiflu controversy, to new hepatitis C cure.

International health news

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entrain jet lag app

iPhone app, Entrain, creates personalised light exposure schedules to beat jet lag.

Researchers from the University of Michigan have created an iPhone app which offers “shortcuts” to help travellers beat jet lag. The creators, who are mathematicians, explain that jet lag is a “mathematical problem” which can be solved with their new app called Entrain.

Jet lag, medically referred to as desynchronosis, is the feeling of tiredness and confusion you experience when travelling across multiple time zones. It’s caused by disruption to our internal body clock, or circadian rhythm.

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universal health insurance Ireland

Critics say Ireland’s proposed universal health insurance scheme will be too expensive.

According to the Dutch Healthcare Performance Report, Dutch households spend up to a quarter of their income on mandatory health insurance. The report was of particular interest in Ireland, where the Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly, plans on introducing a similar universal health insurance (UHI) scheme.

A Dutch family with a combined income of under €50,000 a year were paying almost €11,500, or 23.5 percent of their income, on health care in 2012. The analysis, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Health, detailed how much people were contributing and where the money was spent.

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Held annually on April 7, World Health Day marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation and each year highlights an aspect of public health. This year’s theme is vector-borne illnesses and the bugs that transmit them.

Vectors are organisms which transmit pathogens from one infected person (or animal) to another – vector-borne diseases are caused by these pathogens. This type of infection is commonly found in tropical areas and places where access to clean drinking water and clean sanitation is limited.

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7 April 2014 health news

A blood test to diagnose cancer, getting your 7-a-day, and more international health news.

International health news

  • Blood test to diagnose cancer? - A simple blood test to detect tumour DNA could be used to identify the stage and type of cancer, after promising study results this week.
  • Ketamine hope for severe depression - Researchers have found the horse tranquilizer can cure depression, even in patients who stop responding to other drugs.
  • World Health Day 2014 - The theme of this year’s WHO World Health Day is how to prevent insect bites and lower your risk of malaria and other insect-borne diseases.

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social progress index 2014

Despite high suicide rate, Japan comes top of quality of life index for health category.

The Social Progress Index 2014 ranks 132 countries according to over 50 factors, with the aim of providing an alternative to GDP as a measure of social progress. The study takes into account categories such as, personal rights, water and sanitation, health, and internet users as a measure of the quality of life.

The Health and Wellness category is made up of five measurements: life expectancy, obesity rate, outdoor air pollution attributable deaths, suicide rate, and non-communicable disease deaths of people aged 30-70. When we focus solely on this category, which countries perform the best?

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Under the tagline “Simplifying health insurance”, Pacific Prime’s new website aims to do just that, with its redesigned, easier to use layout, launched this week. It features a number of “significant improvements” including a cleaner, streamlined design, and more practical information on the different kinds of insurance available.

redesigned website

Pacific Prime’s new-look website.

One notable improvement is the online quotation tool, which has been totally revamped. Pacific Prime works with over 33 insurers and hundreds of different kinds of health insurance plans, and the online quotation tool allows clients to easily find the right plan for their specific needs. With the recent changes, clients can now save their quotes by creating a profile and logging onto the site.

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31 March 2014 health update

Top health stories this week – from Ebola in west Africa to diseases from pets.

International health news

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