22 September health news

Health news around the world: UN aims to cut premature deaths by 40% by 2030.

International health news

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ACA decrease uninsured Americans

Blood pressure measurement by www.volganet.ru (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The National Health Interview Survey found the number of Americans without health insurance coverage “dropped significantly” this year, reports the International Business Times. The number of uninsured people stands at 13%, down from 16% in 2010. This comes months after President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) extended coverage in January.

The findings, released this week by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), show 3.8 million more people have health insurance compared with 2013. Adults (18-64) were three times more likely to be uninsured than children and people with high school diplomas were more likely to have insurance than those without high school education.

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10 healthiest cities world Copenhagen

Copenhagen makes it into CNN’s top 10 healthiest cities table.

Perhaps it is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a healthy environment, but a healthy life is certainly possible when living in a metropolis. According to CNN, large cities such as New York, Singapore and even the capital of Cuba, Havana, belong in the top 10 world’s healthiest cities.

Even though basic needs such as air and water are often of lower quality in urban areas, there are other factors such as the quality of life amongst citizens, healthy habits and the city’s facilities that make them beat other (smaller) cities in the rankings.

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15 september international health update

Top health stories this week: The lasting health risks of wildfires, and Israel’s life support policy.

International health news

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korea cigarette price double

The Korean government aims to tackle high smoking rates by doubling the cost of cigarettes.

South Korea is looking at doubling the cost of cigarettes in a bid to lower the smoking rate, reports the BBC. Under the proposed changes, the price of a packet of cigarettes would go up to 4,500 won (€3.35), the price is currently 2,500 won (€1.87).

South Korea has one of the highest male smoking rates among OECD member countries. About 41% of men smoke, according to the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development, this is higher than the 26% average.

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we love eating project

We Love eating is a pilot project in seven European cities to promote healthy eating.

An EU-funded international health project will start next week aiming to promote healthy eating in seven European cities. We Love Eating will target three groups most at risk of obesity – pregnant women, children, and the elderly.

Described as an “upbeat approach to healthy living” the year-long project encourages families to go shopping together, prepare meals, and sit and eat together. It will also educate people on the benefits of drinking water and taking part in regular exercise.

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international health news september 2014

Top health stories: Suicide death every 40 seconds as WHO calls for more safeguards.

International health news

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mobile app aviva

Aviva launches a mobile app for its International Solutions members.

Aviva has launched a new smartphone app exclusively for its International Solutions customers. The UK-developed app gives users access to their securely-stored medical records, details on how to make a claim, and immediate access to emergency services and health advice.

The free International Solutions app has been designed in partnership with Medelinked, who developed Aviva’s My Health Passport online medical records system.

The app is designed to give clients peace of mind that when they are abroad they can quickly and safely access and share their medical records. A range of medical details can be added such as allergies, medications, immunisations and test results. Pictures of X-rays and scans can also be uploaded to the app.

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dengue fever japan 2014

Tropical diseases are not only found in poor countries.

Health officials in Tokyo have confirmed 19 new cases of dengue fever, bringing the total to 34 in the country’s first domestic outbreak since World War Two. The disease was found in individuals living in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures. None of the victims has been abroad recently, but all had visited Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park.

Officials said the disease was probably carried by mosquitoes found in and around the park, one of central Tokyo’s major green spaces. The disease is transmitted via Tiger mosquitoes which are endemic to Japan, though dengue fever was effectively eradicated from the country after the Second World War.

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1 september 2014

Smoke from e-cigarettes contains more toxic metals than traditional cigarette smoke.

International health news

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