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Health roundup November 7

International health news Smoking 20 cigarettes per day causes 150 cell mutations in every lung cell per year. The effects of smoking on DNA mutations has been said to continue… Read more »

Weekly health roundup 10 October

International health news Health ministers around the world need to look “upstream” to improve citizens’ health, as investing in a healthy environment may be more beneficial than in infrastructure and… Read more »

Weekly health roundup October 3

International health news Children who have received complementary or alternative medicine are less likely to receive the flu vaccine. It is thought that practitioners in these areas are less likely… Read more »

Weekly health roundup August 1

International health news Breastfeeding within the first hour of birth provides newborns with their first ‘vaccine’, according to Unicef. A vital source of nutrients and antibodies, delaying the first instance… Read more »

Weekly health roundup July 4

The UK narrowly voted to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum, with one key policy being extra funds going to the NHS. While this claim has now been rejected by leave campaigners, the NHS looks to be taking yet…