Web doctors are the new healthcare system

web doctor

For expats, seeking healthcare abroad can be an anxious process: language barriers, different rules and regulations, and cultural differences can all be obstacles when accessing treatment. Luckily, virtual clinics are now available online, and can help you get a diagnosis in a few minutes, taking away the stress of using a foreign system.

Perfect for expats

Let’s say you’re going abroad for a while, and you need to consult a doctor. Maybe it’s complicated, maybe you don’t speak the language. Sometimes you just wish you could see your regular doctor back home. Well, he might well be available online!

Several websites now offer live consultations with certified physicians via chat, phone or video calls. All you need to do is register online, and look for a doctor in the right field. These services are new and will surely improve with time.

Save money and time

An online consultation is as efficient as a live consultation for common or routine disorders, and of course a lot cheaper. Numerous clinics are available, but be careful who you chose – online healthcare is new, and not perfectly regulated yet. A safe solution is to consult the iCliniq website, which offers several solutions:

  • online chat
  • phone consultation
  • video chat consultation
  • direct consultations (depending on circumstances)

iCliniq has a very large database of approved physicians in over 70 fields, from psychiatry and pulmonology to paediatrics and cardiology. You can use the search option to find a medical professional by speciality, country and language. Finding the doctor you are looking for will only take you a few seconds, after which you will be able to book an online consultation.

These websites also provide health related articles and forums on which you can participate or find answers to your questions.

Buying prescriptions online

Buying prescription medicine online is quick and easy, just make sure you use a licensed medical supplier. As the process is quite new, regulatory reforms are on their way. In June 2014, the European Commission introduced a logo for approved online pharmacies, to help you know who you are buying from.