3-part expat healthcare package launched

world of expats

World of Expats has launched a 3-part expat health plan.

Whether you are moving abroad for work, to retire or to study, the overriding recommendation is to ensure you have sufficient private medical insurance. In certain destinations, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Dubai, for example, health insurance is mandatory for expats. World of Expats has created a healthcare package for those moving abroad, including access to health insurance through brokers or direct from providers.

As more people are moving overseas for various reasons the challenges of accessing care abroad are highlighted. Language barriers, cultural differences, complicated systems, and below par standards are some of the obstacles expats face. All this is before you consider pre-existing conditions, whether your regular prescription will be available, or how to access your medical records while abroad.

“Ensuring that you and your family are healthy is clearly a major concern for any expat,” says Nigel Ayres, Founder and CEO of World of Expats. “Before moving to a new country, you should ensure that you have looked into what health care will be available privately or publicly – particularly if you have any specific health issues.”

World of Expats healthcare package brings together elements from three partners:

  • MED’PROFILE from Swiss MedBank – a secure international health passport which allows you to carry your medical history with you wherever you are. Through an app, the Internet, or via a credit-card sized device medical professionals can access your medical history even if you’re unconscious.
  • Expat prescription services – an international prescription concierge, ideal for expats. It offers access to high-quality, low-cost prescriptions drugs via an efficient delivery system to over 160 countries.
  • MDossier from HTH Worldwide – A report for travellers containing a list of recommended doctors, safety updates and medical resources for each destination on their itinerary.

“I truly believe that with all these tools at their disposal, expats will make better informed decisions about their move abroad,” added Ayres. “This means that, hopefully, they are well placed to make the most of the opportunities that a move abroad can offer.”