International video health consultations introduced

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Expats and international travellers now have the option of video consultations with doctors via GeoBlue’s new service.

Now expats and international travellers under GeoBlue’s international health group plans can connect with an English speaking doctor via a video link. Designed for expats who want a second opinion or are struggling with language barriers, the service uses carefully selected English speaking doctors and a high-definition, secure connection.

“People increasingly look to technology to help create convenient access to medical services,” said Angelo Masciantonio, chief executive officer of GeoBlue’s parent company, Highway to Health.

“GeoBlue’s video consult service provides expatriates and world travelers with an easy and secure option to talk with a medical expert when face-to-face access is not practical or advisable. Access to top doctors via video gives our members a whole new level of peace of mind as they circle the globe.”

Customers in remote areas or those who want reassurance regarding a chronic condition can benefit from even a short consultation with an English speaking doctor. One of the major barriers to accessing health care as an expat is a language difference.

At launch GeoBlue has over 50 London based doctors in 12 different medical specialities. The system is fast, easy and most importantly, confidential. Group members can request a consult through an online tool, or can directly call or email GeoBlue’s Health and Safety Team to set up an appointment.

The GeoBlue team is responsible for making sure a consultation is appropriate for the customer and that they have the necessary computer capabilities. The service isn’t designed to replace emergency care, only offer non-urgent advice.

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Joe says:

I would be interested to see how this works out. From my experience, video based communications (particularly in the countries where your policy holders may have on the ground concerns about), also have unreliable internet connectivity.