New, flexible healthcare plan unveiled by Cigna

Cigna flexible health insurance plan

Cigna has released a new international healthcare plan which should provide more flexibility for customers.

A new healthcare plan offering co-insurance flexibility to help manage premiums has been launched by Cigna. The Cigna Global Health Options Advance is an individual plan which provides cost-sharing and options for choosing benefit limits.

The new plan is available through Cigna telesales provides customers with:

  • A dedicated team to help and advise clients on international healthcare
  • Access to over 1 million hospitals, physicians, clinics and specialists around the world
  • Around the clock support from clinical staff and customer service agents

In addition to deductible options, Global Health Options Advance includes co-insurance options to better manage premiums. Options include:

  • No co-insurance
  • 10% co-insurance with a £1,500 or £3,500 out of pocket maximum
  • 20% co-insurance with a £1,500 or £3,500 out of pocket maximum

Because Advance does not include routine maternity benefit, customers pay only for the cover that suits their individual needs. This not only provides lowers costs, it also provides additional flexibility on coverage options.

Advance has adjusted benefit limits –with no impact to quality of access to cover and care. Customers are covered for the important everyday care they need including inpatient and daypatient care, extensive cancer treatment and psychiatric care. This can also be supplemented with outpatient, evacuation, health/wellbeing, vision and dental cover.