Major website redesign for Pacific Prime

Under the tagline “Simplifying health insurance”, Pacific Prime’s new website aims to do just that, with its redesigned, easier to use layout, launched this week. It features a number of “significant improvements” including a cleaner, streamlined design, and more practical information on the different kinds of insurance available.

redesigned website

Pacific Prime’s new-look website.

One notable improvement is the online quotation tool, which has been totally revamped. Pacific Prime works with over 33 insurers and hundreds of different kinds of health insurance plans, and the online quotation tool allows clients to easily find the right plan for their specific needs. With the recent changes, clients can now save their quotes by creating a profile and logging onto the site.

With many users taking several days to decide on which policy to buy, the save-your-quote tool will be very useful.

Lead Web Designer Byan Shum said:

Some of our clients occasionally take several days before deciding on a plan, and before, when these clients would use the quotation tool, they would have to repeat the same process whenever they came back to the site. Now, by creating a user profile, clients can simply save the quotes and the different plans they’ve compared, and the next time they visit the site, they can just pick up from where they left off. It should save some of our clients a lot of time!