Weekly health news roundup: 29 July 2013

29 July top health stories

A summary of this week’s top health news stories around the web.

International health news

  • Cost-cutting boosts health access – An operation which costs $1,583 in India costs $106,385 in the U.S. cutting costs has helped millions access healthcare in the developing world.
  • MERS less contagious than SARS – A new report says the MERS virus is less infectious than SARS as it’s older people and those with chronic health problems are more likely to succumb to the disease.
  • World Hepatitis Day – One of only four diseases to have an international “day”, hepatitis is a global scourge, with 2 million people affected by hepatitis B alone.

Health advice

  • Menthol cigarettes higher risk? – Young people are more likely to start smoking with minty cigarettes, and evidence suggests they are harder to give up.

Country health alerts