Health centres for expat employees in Qatar


Five new health centres will be opened for expatriate employees in Qatar to serve their medical needs in 2016.

The Supreme Council of Health in Qatar announced that it will open five new health centres for expatriate single workers to serve their medical needs in 2016.

This plan is part of the new health insurance scheme in which expats don’t have access to the public health system’s medical centers and services, but can only access hospitals and clinics affiliated with their private health insurance provider.

The health insurance of Qataris will continue to be covered by the government.

In the new plan, employers will need to cover the health care costs of their expat workers however, they cannot deduct the premiums from their employees’ salaries. Therefore companies should make arrangements with private insurers.

Different insurance packages will be offered, depending on the sector the expat is working in. Insurance for visitors will cover emergency services only. The details, costs and coverage of the various packages are still being discussed. For any updates please go to this website.  

Image: [Flickr]