Weekly health news roundup: 16 Nov 2015

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Smartphones, tablets and e-readers should have a bedtime mode.

International health news

  • Wearable artificial kidney potential alternative to dialysis – together with his colleagues, associate clinical professor of medicine, Victor Gura from the University of California’s David Geffen School of Medicine has developed a wearable, experimental device for patients who are dependent on kidney dialysis.
  • Phones should have a bedtime mode – professor Paul Gringas from Evelina Children’s Hospital in London argues that smartphones, tablets and e-readers should have a bedtime mode option as the blue light disrupts people’s sleep.
  • Wound dressing that changes colour when infection detected scientists have developed a burn wound dressing that changes colour when it detects an infection. This can lessen the probability of developing resistance to antibiotics.

Health advice

  • How to choose your meditation app – meditation can help manage anxiety, stress, and blood pressure. There are numerous apps out there offering guided meditation.  
  • The benefits of honey – not only does honey provide throat relief it may also be effective in treating heartburn.

Country health updates

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